Ramadan reflections on Growing your own food

Sowing a seed and nurturing it to grow into a strong plant is a metaphor for the cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is a way of connecting to the natural world , the rhyme of the seasons and the energies that flow through the land.

I plant this very tiny seed into dirt, and months later, I will be eating an endless meal of tomatoes , cucumbers and onions – so fresh and ripe. Indeed a miracle and a blessing

Every act of pushing the seed into dirt, sprinkling with water, and setting them in view of the sun, is a tiny act of hopeful risk.
Will they, or won’t they take root?

Every seed planted speaks to a sort of faith in the process, belief in the process as a worthy effort despite the uncertain outcome. It is a confession of hopeful resistance. Resistance against settling for convenience and speed and efficiency and empty calories.

This wholeness, slowness, and nourishment are worthy of my effort, patience, and nurturing attentiveness.

The combination of being intentional and gratitude for Allah’s blessings.

Intentional -in about noticing all the things before me; in my hands, below my feet, scents in the air, sounds all around me, taste upon the tongue
…. and then combining that noticing with gratitude to Allah asking Him to reveal his grace to me through those very ordinary elements .

As I reflect upon all this during this beautiful month of Ramadan , it becomes even more meaningful , symbolic and alive for me .
Just as the seed needs to be planted , watered and nurtured to grow into a strong happy plant , my engagement in spiritual practices such as prayer , fasting and charity requires good intentionality, hope and gratitude – that will help me grow stronger in faith and character with contentment and happiness.

What a beautiful life to live !