Healing comes from within

Every person holds the key for ultimate health within. health is the wisdom of our body and illness is only a message to pause and heal . When a problem manifests itself, the body has the remedy to fix it—we just have to know where and how to search for it.

The process is much deeper then we can imagine. One must be kind, gentle and patient with oneself and be respectful of one’s own pace . It’s an ongoing process and a deeper journey that has no timeline.

It’s a work of purification.
Purity in eating, movement , thoughts, friendships, speech.Purification is simply being true to ourselves, living in a way that makes us feel better, in the long term, definitely, and, most wonderfully in the present moment, in the very act of being kind to ourselves.

Living well is it’s own reward. It is the easiest, most natural. Simultaneously it is our greatest challenge. Hence The term purification. It hurts, it’s scary, it’s everything we ever wanted.

We know innately how to care for ourselves. Learning an embodied experience of deliberately caring for ourselves is the way of healing. Opening our heart to receive our own caring is vital

Wish you all a beautiful healing journey today and always.